Ryan Reynolds and ‘Always Sunny’ Star Go to First Match as New Owners of Football Club Didn’t Expect to Drink So Much

Wrexham’s Hollywood owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have just visited the club’s stadium for the first time.

The pair met fans and posed for photos outside the gate of the 10,000-seater Racecourse Ground, known in Welsh as Y Cae, before walking onto the pitch.

At one point, Reynolds laid down on the turf while McElhenney surveyed the terraces. Both also took selfies with each other.

The actors, who purchased the fifth-tier club in February, got their first taste of live action when they watched Wrexham take on Maidenhead in an away fixture.

But instead of witnessing a triumph, Wrexham was punished with a 3-2 loss, which featured a first-half red card for the losing team.

Reynolds and McElhenney were flanked by a film crew at the game, which is part of an all-access documentary, focusing on their ownership of the club.

So far, they have managed to secure TikTok as a major sponsor, along with Wrexham’s inclusion in FIFA’s most recent football video game release.

McElhenney, in particular, was showing off his support for the team last night by donning a Wrexham United jacket, while Reynolds opted for a dark coat and shirt.

“A big priority for us is expanding and growing the club in every way we can,” Reynolds told reporters. “And, hopefully to make sure that Wrexham’s name is a little bit more global than it is.”

“And the fact that the club has been around 160 years… that’s really important to us,” said McElhenney. “We want to win right now while we’re alive, and we also want to set up the structure for the club to win long after we’re dead.”

Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson, who was appointed in July, said of coaching under the famous duo, “It’s certainly different having Hollywood owners.

“But taking their status in Hollywood away, it is their genuine determination to make a mark in this football club and the area that really appeals to me.

“They are so committed to putting into practice what they have promised. I’m determined to give everything I’ve got to play my part in that.”

After the stars watched their team lose on home turf, they decided to commiserate with the best of them. “I wasn’t expecting to do multiple shots of gin, which is exactly what we did,” said Mcelhenney after meeting with locals at the pub. “They just kept lining them up.”

Reynolds quipped, “Yeah, I’m surprised we didn’t end up out here on the pitch!”